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Committed to Conservation
Community-based conservation efforts are key to protecting wildlife and improving quality of life for rural people. We work with the leading eco-sensitive lodges, camps, game reserves, hotels, secluded beach resorts and renowned wine estates in Southern and East Africa that share their profits with the local communities which goes towards developing schools, medical clinics and capacity building. There are a variety of direct benefits including job opportunities at the camps and lodges, sustainable farming and production of organic produce to lodges, and community commerce and education initiatives. A number of lodges and camps are going fully self-sufficient on solar power allowing them to operate off the grid.

Getting Involved
We are connected to a number of community and wildlife conservation groups and initiatives doing important work on the ground in the areas we send our travelers. We can arrange for you to get directly involved with local wildlife conservationists and veterinarians to save and protect rare and endangered species including radio-collaring a lion or elephant to assist an ongoing research project, working with anti-poaching trackers to learn how they work to secure and protect game reserves from poaching, and for the truly adventurous - helping relocate endangered species like rhinoceros from areas where they are under threat. We can also arrange a number of different experiences during your journey where you can interact with local people and help give back by sponsoring or building classrooms and clinics and bringing in vital school and medical supplies with you.

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