Why a private safari?

A private safari offers ultimate comfort, convenience, flexibility and privacy.
When time is your most valuable asset, then a private safari takes away the hassles and provides an experience that is planned to your pace and personal interests


What can you expect?

Private Guide and Vehicle

On most safaris, you move from camp to camp with a different local guide at each stop along the way. A private guide ensures cohesive learning and wildlife updates based on your shared experiences in each destination. You can plan the day to fit your own pace and also your particular interests. If you’re looking for birds or particular wildlife, a private guide will take the time to set up how the day will suit you and your group best.

Private Camps and Lodges

By booking a camp or a small lodge exclusively for you and the people you love means you don’t have to share mealtimes or campfires with other guests. Everything is catered to you. We can select and book just the right property for your safari – sometimes a 2-bed villa or maybe a 15 room lodge depending on your group size.

Private Planes

Booking private charters can help to create a seamless safari, taking away transit times and minimizing logistical hurdles. We can provide trouble-free, end to end charter experiences within Africa, from the moment you touch down until the moment you depart. Depending on group size and aircraft type, it can often be more cost effective to charter rather than connect between destinations with scheduled commercial flights.